Wireless Actuator Impulse Switch with integr. relay function with power measurement FSR61VA-10A

Wireless actuator impulse switch with integr. relay function with current measurement FSR61VA-10A. 1 NO contact not potential free 10A/250V AC, incandescent lamps up to 2000 watts, off ­delay with switch-off early warning and switchable pushbutton permanent light. With integrated current measurement up to 10A. Encrypted wireless, bidirectional wireless and repeater function are switchable. Only 0.8 watt standby loss.

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  • Product No. 30100010
  • Manufacturer Eltakohttp://www.eltako.com/
  • Category Actuator / Relay Receiver, Receivers & Controllers
  • Field Of Use HVAC, Lighting
  • Frequency 868 MHz (ASK): Europe, China
  • Certification Certified 2.0