There is now increasing focus on the energy consumed by heating, air-conditioning and lighting in commercial real estate. Simple measures like subsequently installed wireless window contacts connected to heating control or a central turn-off function for lighting can substantially reduce operating costs. Whether as insular solutions or linked to modern building automation, both are possible and easily implemented.

At the same time, service-free and self-powered wireless switches and wireless sensors can very much simplify the cabling of a building. This wireless technology really shows to benefit if room arrangements later need to be altered, or if a flexible system of dividing walls is used from the very start.


  • Cost saving solution
  • Flexibility of room arrangement
  • Subsequent changes in room arrangement call for further planning and installation work
  • Simple product configuration at the push of a button - no laptop necessary
  • Fast fitting
  • Flexible automation system with retrofit options
  • Systems needing as little service as possible    

Benefits at a glance

  • Large-scale energy savings: through temperature regulation in single rooms, wireless window contacts or lighting control on demand
  • Cost benefits in integration, installation and operation  
  • Flexible room arrangement
  • Enhanced living comfort
  • Simplified building management: no cabling, simple fitting and removal, e.g. switches on glass, stone, wood and furniture
  • Fewer outages in facility use
  • Simple retrofitting of sensors


  • Time-savings: fast fitting, integration, configuration
  • Environmentally friendly: far less cable material (copper, sheaths, etc)
  • Less electrosmog through EnOcean technology
  • Easier subletting and lower vacancy rates
  • Service-free wireless sensors: no need for batteries
  • Products with enabling EnOcean technology available from various manufacturers  

Selected case studies

Torre Espacio Madrid (Spain) - 2007

Flexible Room Structure
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SAP Headquarters Walldorf (Germany) - 2007

Flexible Room Structure
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MAN Werk Munich (Germany) - 2005

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Residential Building Schorndorf (Germany) - 2007

Modern Housing
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Slab Method Housing Estate Neuruppin (Germany) - 2004

Redevelopment of Domestic Buildings
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