The EnOcean Alliance is a consortium of companies working to further develop and promote self-powered wireless monitoring and control systems for sustainable buildings by formalising the interoperable wireless standard. The EnOcean Alliance has the largest installed base of field-proven wireless building automation networks in the world.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to promote and enable intelligent green buildings through creation of a broad range of interoperable standards based wireless products.

Our vision is to create a better, safer, cost & energy efficient environmentally friendlier world through intelligent self-powered wireless sensor systems.

Goals of the EnOcean Alliance

A group of key companies across Europe and North America are currently forming the EnOcean Alliance as a non-profit, mutual benefit corporation which has the formal purpose of:

  • establishing energy harvesting wireless technology as the wireless standard for sustainable buildings
  • helping to bring about the existence of a broad range of interoperable wireless monitoring and controlling products for use in and around residential, commercial and industrial buildings and to promote global trade in such products
  • by initially developing the specifications for the interoperability of the sensor profiles for the wireless products operating in unlicensed frequency bands and subsequently to apply for ratification as an international standard at the appropriate standardization committee .

Membership classes

The Alliance will have three membership classes:

  • Promoters
    Innovative and key players who will lead, define and drive the Alliance.
  • Participants
    Companies and suppliers providing product and services using the Alliance technology.
  • Associates
    Building professionals, academics, smaller distribution partners etc  interested in the technology, advancements, examples or training.















EnOcean Alliance


EnOcean Alliance
2400 Camino Ramon,
Suite 375
San Ramon, CA 94583

Tel. +1.925.275-6601
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Promoter Members

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