BSC Computer GmbH

BSC Computer GmbH is a specialist in building automation. The building management software BSC-BoSe and the wireless sensor-network are based on energy harvesting technology from EnOcean. Besides capabilities like switching devices, monitoring sensors, full HVAC control, camera surveillance, alarm and reporting, cell phone control, Smart Metering, remote access and many more, BSC-BoSe also provides support for Smart Grid. BSC system allows remote access via TCP/IP, internet or smart phone.



EnOcean GmbH is the developer of the patented energy harvesting wireless technology marketed under the Dolphin brand. Headquartered in Oberhaching, near Munich, the company produces and markets self-powered wireless sensor solutions for batteryless applications in the Internet of Things, which are used for building and industrial automation, smart homes and LED light control. The EnOcean products are based on miniaturized energy converters, ultra-low power electronics and robust radio technology in open standards. Leading product manufacturers have been relying on EnOcean wireless modules for their system solutions for the past 15 years and have installed the products in several hundreds of thousands of buildings around the world.



Honeywell ( is a Fortune 100 diversified technology and manufacturing leader, serving customers worldwide with aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes and industry; turbochargers; and performance materials. Based in Morris Township, N.J., Honeywell’s shares are traded on the New York, London, and Chicago Stock Exchanges.
Honeywell brands: ,, .

OPUS greenNet


JÄGER DIREKT is the manufacturer of electro technical products, systems and provider of services. Alongside standard products and basic equipment for electrical installation systems, retrofit solutions are also offered to enhance energy efficiency and building intelligence. The OPUS greenNet brand creates real solutions – especially for existing buildings. The product range doesn't simply involve integrating individual solutions but rather a complete, intelligent building control system.

Pressac Communications

Pressac Communications

Pressac Communications has a 60 year history of UK manufacturing, technical expertise and innovation in the design and production of communications products. The company has a proven track record of specialism in electrical and electronic solutions for blue chip clients in the automotive, industrial and telecommunications markets. Pressac has recently entered the building management systems market with the Pressac Sensing product range of energy harvesting, wireless devices. Created to facilitate energy usage improvements in buildings, reduce operational costs and minimise environmental impact, the range includes: the only solar-powered CO2 Sensor currently on the market; a patent pending Current Transducer (CT) Clamp; an IP Gateway; a Dashboard; a Mini Temperature and Humidity Sensor; a Relay; and an Energy Monitor.
Pressac Communications Ltd is a privately owned UK based business: its cutting edge product design and manufacturing facilities are based at the company’s headquarters in Nottingham, UK.



ROHM was established in Kyoto, Japan, in 1958 and designs, manufactures, and sells various types of semiconductors for consumer electronics, mobile phones and networks, automotive electronics, and other applications. ROHM’s design and manufacturing teams provide high-quality products to customers through the company’s global design centers and sales networks worldwide. ROHM employs over 21,000 people worldwide and posted sales of 304 billion yen in FY2011 (for the year ended March 31, 2012).

Thermokon Sensortechnik

Thermokon Sensortechnik

Thermokon stands for more than 20 years of experience in supplying intelligent buildings with Engineering, Innovation and Quality ”Made in Germany”. Besides classical technologies like LON, BACnet, KNX or Modbus, Thermokon started already in 2003 to use EnOcean technology as one of the first commercial partners.


Shenzhen Xiao Long Intelligent Technology

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