Sustainable buildings are the key to a substantial reduction in energy consumption. Service-free and self-powered wireless switches and wireless sensors make cabling very much simpler. Wireless technology means that the ceiling installation can be considered separately from the wall installation. So there are no limits to flexible room arrangement.

Videos: EnOcean technology for green and intelligent buildings

Please find below videos on EnOcean technology for green and intelligent buildings in four chapters.
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Part 1: Why wireless & batteryless?

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Part 2: EnOcean technology

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Part 3: Installation

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Part 4: Wireless range planning

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  • When the construction of a building starts, its final use is often not clarified down to the last detail, which makes flexibility important
  • Cabling a building takes a lot of advance thought and planning
  • Subsequent changes in room arrangement call for further planning and installation work
  • Design aspects, e.g. glass walls
  • Optimal positioning of sensors
  • Integration in existing building automation systems
  • Combination of different system components

Benefits at a glance

  • Flexibility: no cabling, simple fitting and removal, e.g. switches on glass, stone, wood and furniture
  • Interoperability: straightforward combination of products from a variety of manufacturers and for a wide selection of applications
  • Simple planning of complex and flexible systems: optimal sensor positioning even for changing conditions of use
  • Cost savings in installation, maintenance, renovation and energy use
  • Large-scale energy savings: through temperature regulation in single rooms, wireless window contacts or lighting control on demand
  • Environmentally friendly: far less cable material (copper, sheaths, etc)


  • Interoperability: straightforward combination of products from a variety of manufacturers and for a wide selection of applications
  • Compatibility with other building automation systems
  • Time-savings: planning is speeded up, fast fitting, integration, configuration
  • Scalability of the building system ensures a sustained building structure
  • Service-free wireless sensors: no batteries needed, so no replacement and disposal worries
  • Reduced risks through less fire load
  • Subsequent fitting of wireless sensors in preservation listed buildings
  • Little noise, dust and dirt

Selected building references

Torre Espacio Madrid (Spain) - 2007

Flexible Room Structure
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Office Building Premino II Munich (Germany) - 2007

New Office Building
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Semper Opera Dresden (Germany) - 2005

Protection of Historical Building
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aviva Munich (Germany) - 2003

New Office Building under Feng Shui Aspects
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UNIQA Tower Vienna (Austria) - 2004

Glass Partition Walls
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