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EnOcean Pi 868 - TCM310

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Verfasst am: 10. 10. 2013 [17:54]
Dabei seit: 10.10.2013
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Hi, just starting using the EnOcean equipment. I have two raspberry PI's with the onboard EnOcean Pi boards.

Could anyone tell me if it's possible to use the two devices to transmit/receive, ie to mimick or reproduce as if the light switch or rocker switch had been used ? or another question to use the boards as transceivers to communicate between them ?

I appreciate the idea is supposed to be that the switch or sensor sends a signal to the receiver, but I also understand these boards are transceivers ?

Apologies if this is off topic, but I'm now two boards/pi's and a ESK300 development kit into this and failing to figure out how to make what I thought would be a simple action possible.

P.s. I've cheated with the development kit to get the windows dolphin basic application so I can at least understand whats happening icon_smile.gif

Kind regards
Verfasst am: 11. 10. 2013 [09:39]
Dabei seit: 13.03.2009
Beiträge: 197
Hi Dave,
of course the EnOcean PI boards are transceivers (please consult TCM30 documentation therefore: http://www.enocean.com/en/enocean_modules/tcm-310/) and they can be used also to simulate a PTM (RPS) switch rocker telegram or any other EnOcean telegram type (NOT POSSIBLE TO COPY ANY EXISTING ID).
So you could generate a valid PTM (RPS) telegram based on the TCM individual ID and teach-in an EnOcean switch aktuator therefore. Please also consult the EEP2.5 (http://www.enocean-alliance.org/eep/) for understandig what information you need to send therefore.
OF course you can also build a communication between two EnOcean transceivers (e.g. EnOcean PI modules). Please consult the ESP3 therefore: http://www.enocean.com/esp)
BTW, an useful link for starting with EnOcean is: http://www.enocean.com/en/knowledge-base/ (FAQs, EO tutorials, specificatiions, tools, standards incl. the above mentioned EEP, ESP, appnotes and so...)
Kind regards, Chris
Verfasst am: 11. 10. 2013 [10:54]
Dabei seit: 10.10.2013
Beiträge: 3
Thanks Chris, sometimes the obvious is just beyond my view lol

Some good bedtime reading!

Thanks again



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